If you feel confused because of the amount of money you lose in sports betting, you’ve got another thing coming. Have you ever been disappointed by your favorite players? Have you lost money because Ronaldo or Messi missed a crucial penalty? Do you want to change your betting strategy?

Well, Paddypower.com has a solution for your bets. If you are interested in politics, gossip or global events, you should give it a go. The betting website offers unusual options on which you can bet. And you won’t have to watch your favorites losing to a mediocre team or Djokovic not winning in straight sets against Nishikori. It’s all up to your instinct. Or to pure luck.

The market of gossip

The biggest shock of the week was the divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Yes, I know we are fed up with this topic, but what if you can make some money after their divorce? Paddypower offers you the opportunity to bet. Do you think you know who is going to be Brad’s next girlfriend? Well, let me just tell you that Charlize Theron is the bookies favorite with an odd of 8, while Bar Refaeli, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow can multiply your stake 10 times. If you think Brad will go presidential and become the boyfriend of Hillary Clinton, you can benefit from a huge odd: 200. Oh! And if you feel courageous as a woman, you can become his girlfriend and multiply your bet 500 times, as your odd is the biggest one.

In the case of Angelina, top seeds are Bradley Cooper (10/1), Michael Fassbender (12/1) and Kit Harrington (14/1). In the improbable case she will start dating Prince Harry, the odds are against you: 66/1.

Politics can bring profit

Tomorrow we will have the first US presidential debate between the two candidates. They both aim for a four-year mandate at the White House. Hillary Clinton (Democrat Party) and Donald Trump (Republican Party) will be face-to-face in one of the most anticipated events of the year. Believe it or not, you can watch the debate on live TV and get cash in your pockets at the same time. Bookies offer you several options to bet on and the most interesting might be “the first name Trump calls Clinton”. The Republican is an indistinguishable character, especially because of his racist, anti-Semite and radical views. If the first thing Donald will call Clinton is “crooked”, Paddypower offers a 1.8 odd for a special bet. Liar is the second option with a 2/1 odd while Bigot (4/1) and Devil (8/1) are less likely to be said in the first minute of the Republican’s speech.

Fashion designers might be interested in this debate because they can invest and get something out of this event. Believe it or not, but you can guess which will be the color of Trump’s tie. Yes, it’s all true. And if Donald will wear a red tie, the odd is pretty good (1.5). If the candidate will go nuts and choose an orange tie, guess what? The odd is 20/1. On the other side, the betting agency offers you a 1.5 odd in the case Hillary wears a blue jacket.

Snow means money

In England, there is hope for a white Christmas. I mean, we all want jolly holidays and snowy atmosphere all around UK, but it’s September 25th and it seems summer is still here. At least, you can bet and hope for the best on December 25th. The best options are Cork, Manchester and London, with a 3.5 odd for snow and joy on the most special day of the year. They are followed by Dublin and Birmingham (4/1). Don’t forget about Wales and Scotland with a 5/1 odd for Cardiff and Glasgow as well.

Last but not least, religious leadership is your last option to win if Hillary, Brad or British weather had disappointed you. Paddypower.com offers the chance to bet on the next Pope. The three big favorites come from different parts of the world, with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (Philippines – 5/1), Cardinal Marc Ouellet (Canada – 8/1) and Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana – 8/1). Once again, if you think it’s “A beautiful day”, put your money on Bono as the new pope. It is tempting, Leicester-style and the odd is just 1000/1. One love and one love only.