Who would have thought of a Federer – Nadal final at the Australian Open? And I talk about 2017, not 2008 or 2009. Now, Roger is a daddy of two pairs of twins and he’s got sciatica issues as a war veteran, whereas Nadal opted to relax for five months on a sunny beach so he can recover after his wrist felt the effect of his pre-serve habit. But the two tennis icons put on another show for the millions watching in every corner of the world. They came back after long breaks, they fought, they conquered enemy territories and the dream final was possible: Federer vs Nadal – 2017 Australian Open’s final, the most unlikely scenario. Let’s see what are the conclusions of the final we all wanted

  1. Because they are immortals

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are the biggest tennis players of this century as they have demonstrated this over and over again. They might not be young stars and promising tennis players as many years ago but both of them are huge athletes and competitors. They don’t know the meaning of “giving up”, although last year was a nightmare for both. Federer missed most of the year because of his back and knee medical problems, while Nadal was forced to withdraw early from Roland Garros and before the end of the season because of an ongoing wrist injury. Though hurt and injured, they took the right time to stop in order to come back and show us why they are titans of sports.

  1. We needed another Fedal

ATP had a new rivalry rising in the last 12 months as Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic fought until the end of the season for the big crown. The Scottish player won the ATP World Tour Finals from the O2 Arena after a perfect final against the Serbian rival and therefore ended the year as World Number One for the first time in his career. We became familiar to matches like Murray – Djokovic or Djokovic – Wawrinka but Federer and Nadal had the perfect build-up for another chapter from the Fedal matches.

After Roland Garros 2011, the last time they competed in a Grand Slam final, so many things changed. Novak Djokovic completed the Career Grand Slam, Andy Murray became World Number One and Marin Cilic and Stan Wawrinka won Grand Slam titles. One thing has never changed: the beautiful friendship, rivalry and tennis game between Federer and Nadal.

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  1. An interesting 2017 for ATP to come

With Federer winner at the Australian Open and back in shape and with an in-form Nadal for the clay season, we can only predict a giant year for tennis. NextGen stars like Alexander Zverev or Dominic Thiem will fight to show they are made of gold while Grigor Dimitrov has already won two titles this year, losing only to Nadal in the epic five-set semifinal from the Australian Open. Kei Nishikori and Stan Wawrinka seem to be underdogs who can always win a Grand Slam final while Milos Raonic is keen to keep up his good form and fight for tennis supremacy. And don’t forget: Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are the big favorites for the finish line. So, who is ready for the Dubai, Indian Wells and Miami?

  1. Nadal is the biggest fighter in tennis history

He is the king of clay and one of the best tennis players in history but Rafael Nadal is also a hard-court specialist. The amount of work and the devotion to tennis are the reasons why he played another Grand Slam final against his good friend. Nadal is like a bull: he is the type of player who can only be killed if he is stabbed 100 times. And you cannot guarantee this is enough. Let’s not forget that both Nadal and Federer played in an era when a Masters Series final was contested in a “Best out of five set” match. They played a marathon match in Rome, a five-set epic clash in 2006 won by Rafa in extra time: 7-6(5) in the fifth tiebreak. A year before they played the final in Miami. Another epic game won by Federer in five sets after Nadal led by 2-0 and 4-1 in the third set.

Rafa Nadal has always been a fighter and that’s the reason he managed to beat Federer so many times. Apart from his style of play, you cannot say the point is yours until you hear the umpire changing the score. This is the reason why he won 14 Grand Slams, this is why he beat Roger on 23 occasions and this is why he is so popular.

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  1. Federer is the GOAT

GOAT is a term known as Greatest Player of All Time. After this epic final, most analysts, commentators and sports journalist have concluded that Roger Federer is the GOAT. As Tom Brady is the GOAT in American football, Michael Jordan is the GOAT in basketball or Tiger Woods in golf, Roger has proved once again his genius cannot be compared. He won the 18th Grand Slam after losing the last three Grand Slam finals to Novak Djokovic. The 2014 Wimbledon final ceremony showed a sad and unhappy Federer as he lost dramatically the 18th major title of his career. But the taste of this win is even sweeter after the bitter taste felt in 2015 when the Serbian champion “stole the game” twice.

At 35 years and 4 months, Roger Federer is in the history books again. He won his 18th Grand Slam title after missing the most important parts of the 2016 season. Moreover, this is the first time Roger earned a major title after three five-set matches during the tournament. The final set of the final can become the subject of a drama movie as journalists actively talk about a film on Federer’s life. The Swiss Maestro defeated four top 10 players (Berdych, Nishikori, Wawrinka, Nadal) en route to the trophy and cemented his legacy in the history of sports.

Thank you for letting us dream, Rafa and Roger!